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GyanogenMod 9 ICS (Cyanogen + Gio = GyanogenMod)

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Итак у разработчиков android 4 для galaxy gio ведутся бои на прошивкой ICS. Новая версия прошивки со всеми патчами внутри.

—–GyanogenMod Developer Preview build 4—–

  • Added BLN support – now fully works
  • New kernel with partly ported KGSL (phiexz)
  • Less laggy
  • More responsible
  • Last build of Gyanogen. Now we’re focused on compile CM9 from sources, so you must be patient!

—–GyanogenMod Developer Preview build 3—–

  • disable setupwizard. because cause problem in some user
  • trying to patch surfaceflinger to decrease lag. but still failed
  • update egl libraries
  • fix error while charging in off condition. now u can charging when phone turn off
  • fix frame buffer issue on kernel, now we have more color & better color depth.
  • fix swap, now really working on my device
  • added genlock feature to kernel
  • added zram (compcache) to kernel
  • patch video decoder driver
  • change all module on /system/lib/modules to work with our kernel version
  • added support to swap
  • added bugfix on S2E *not sure S2E work or not on this ROM*
  • change density to 150 for better view & match keyboard
  • fix autorotate sensor
  • fix sensors *please test*
  • change bootanimation
  • update usbstorage app, thx to bexton
  • enable setupwizard
  • move some system application to user application to give more freespace on /system (youtube,maps & videoEditor)
    let me know, if you found bug because moving these to user applicaton.

—–GyanogenMod Developer Preview build 2—–

  • fix touchscreen
  • fix flickering
  • add netfilter support for native data usage report
  • add IPV6 support

Скачать: http://www.mediafire.com/?2aufgz3c13zn43l

Спасибо команде разработчиков:

  • Macław
  • Phiexz
  • marcin1147
  • skubi07
  • squadzone


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